Cardiovascular System

Cardiovascular System

Did you know the Cardiovascular System is composed of the heart, blood vessels and blood?

Well now you do! lol but lets dive a bit further and start with blood!

Blood is composed of plasma, which carries hormones and nutrients and the non-plasma part of the blood contains red blood cells, various types of white cells and platelets.

Quick Fun Fact: The Cardiovascular System also helps regulate your body temperature as well!

The heart works as a pump the size of a human fist. And now I'll get into the specific pathway blood takes through the heart and into the rest of the body.

1. Blood that is coming back into the heart through the veins enter the Right Atrium of the heart.

2. From the Right Atrium, blood enters the Right Ventricle, which pumps it right into the lungs.

3. In the lungs, blood gets rid off carbon dioxide and picks up fresh oxygen.

4. The new freshly oxygenated blood returns to the Left Atrium of the heart.

5. From the Left Atrium, blood travels to the Left Ventricle part of the heart. 

6. Blood then gets to the Aorta from the Left Ventricle, then pumped to the rest of the body via arteries. (only place blood does not get pumped is the lungs since it already traveled there)